Transcript of Dr. Steven Greer's Interview
on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory

April 4/5, 2005

Note: This interview was requested by George Noory.

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George Noory (GN): From the City of Angels off the Pacific Ocean, good morning, good evening, wherever you may be, across the nation, around the world. I'm George Noory. Welcome to America's most listened to late night talk show, Coast to Coast A.M... Next hour - did you know that trillions of dollars are being siphoned off by government black ops groups? Guest Catherine Austin Fitts tracks them all down and tells us how they get the money...all kinds of things happen when you look, I guess, but let me tell you something. One man that I respect entirely, is a person who had devoted a pretty good deal of his career, now, to the search for unidentified flying objects for full disclosure. Dr. Steven Greer will be our guest this hour, in a moment, on Coast to Coast A.M....

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GN: Dr. Steven Greer is the founder/CEO of Space Energy Access Systems and also the founder and director of the Disclosure Project. He is an emergency physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. He has appeared on several national programs which include the Larry King Show, CBS, the BBC, NTV in Japan. Dr. Greer has been supervising a worldwide search for alternative energy sources, specifically those known as zero point or over unity devices with the plan to identify and develop systems which will eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Now, you might remember some time ago that Peter Jennings had special reports on UFOs. Dr. Greer was able to provide a lot of information to ABC about that, but he's not too happy with the outcome. He's our guest this hour. Steven, welcome back. How are you?

Steven Greer (SG): I'm doing very well. How are you doing?

GN: Good. Very well, indeed. Hey, I saw the letter that you wrote about the special and I concur with you wholeheartedly. What I did not know was the depth that your organization, the Disclosure Project provided, and it appears that they didn't use a lot of it, did they?

SG: Well, it's very interesting. If you go to our website,, you'll see an analysis - about a five page analysis - of this. We were involved very early in this project with the Peter Jennings people and what we found was initially, they wanted to do "a historic event that would blow the lid off the secrecy" and when they found out that we had, in fact, over four hundred military and government insiders, including generals and colonels and senior government officials who were willing to go on the record on their program, they were very excited. What we found was that as summer became fall, that the show sort of morphed into this public interest, or human interest story, bringing in all kinds of spurious nonsense and what's important - I just want to correct you a little bit on this - not a single scrap of evidence provided to them, including all the hundred-plus hours of top secret military and government testimony, that we have was used. NOT ONE.

GN: Nothing?!

SG: Nothing! Nada! Zero! Now, what's interesting about that, is that this is prima fascia evidence that not only did they not want to do a serious piece, but they wanted to sanitize this of the strongest evidence. Keep in mind that Peter Jennings repeatedly said, "Well, the government isn't now looking into this subject since they closed Project Blue Book in 1969." We can prove that he knew that that is a lie! In fact, we gave him documents up into the 1990's even that were secret and top secret, that describe projects and even give the project code names and code numbers. These are in 'Disclosure,' the book we have of transcripts and government documents that people can get from us. They didn't have any of this in there. So I think that what's important - my main point and the reason I wrote this analysis and it's now making its way around the world - is that we're asking people to write the FCC and they can get on our website, and link to that and file a complaint because, when a broadcast network that is using our airwaves under the permission of the United States People, commits a hoax and in this case, (the title of my paper is "Peter Jennings Defrauding") they defrauded the American people and they committed a hoax and we can prove it. We are now in discussions with some advisors who work with a very powerful attorney firm and we're looking for some pro bono attorneys to actually take this to the FCC and take ABC to court and show that they rigged the news. They can edit things and they can edit things for content but they cannot, if they're going to claim that they're doing it through their news division, rig the news, and we can prove that they rigged the news story and they sanitized the hard-hitting evidence from their program even though they had a full two hours to present it. So I think that the American people who are listening to your show need to know that these large, Big Media operations are committing fraud and we can prove it.

GN:Steven, you have spent several years now with this Disclosure Project and as you say, you have come up with now close to four hundred military and scientists who aren't hiding! They're willing to come forward. They have come forward with the program that you had at the National Press Club several years ago.

SG: Right.

GN: To me this would be a no-brainer, to get these people on a major television show.

SG: Well, of course, and in fact when we had that press event, in fact, as recently as the last year or two, we've had discussions with these large news magazines such as Prime Time Live, and Twenty-Twenty where they wanted to do - in fact, the senior executive producer at the time of the Disclosure Project event who's now back with Sixty Minutes and Mike Wallace, but at the time, he was the senior producer for Twenty-Twenty and Prime Time Live, wanted to do a full hour expose of this and after a few weeks, I called him and said, "What are you doing with this now?" because I gave him something like an edited version of thirty-five continuous hours of about over a hundred of these top secret witnesses and he was here at my home and said, "I've never seen anything like this. It's amazing!" and he said, "THEY won't let me do it." and I said, "Who's THEY? What are you talking about?" and he says, "Dr. Greer, you know who THEY are." rather cryptically and what I point out to people - you know, I don't like to quote copiously from government documents, but we received recently a secret CIA document [PDF file] that was briefly declassified. It was written in 1991, and it says, "The Public Affairs Office (I'm quoting) now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some intelligence failure stories into intelligence success stories. In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap (or kill) stories." Now, it's interesting in light of what ABC set out to do and then what they ended up doing. How did that happen? And how is ABC News in essence, by putting forward something that they say is a fair and impartial review of the evidence when we can prove that they did nothing of the sort. They basically defrauded the American public. How were they influenced to do this? There is this shadowy entity that is running these covert programs. I'm glad you're having Catherine Austin Fitts on next because she and I have spoken at great lengths about how this shadowy secret government transnational group works. But they have corrupted the government structures and they have corrupted the force of state and basically, people think we live in a democracy. We really live, I believe, in a kleptocracy and the democracy part of what we live in is dying very slowly and we need to resuscitate it.

GN: You're absolutely right, Steven. We have this perception that there's total freedom but there is not, and I think more and more interviews with people like Catherine Austin Fitts and things that you uncover as well, I want to talk with you, before you're off the air with me this hour, about alternative energy because that too is another scandal.

SG: Oh yes, and there's some exciting things happening on that front as well.

GN: I do have a sliver of some good, interesting use for you because, just today apparently a group realized that you were going to be on the program tonight and they called me about you and I met with them and you are most likely going to be approached in about six months for a different project for television which I will give you full endorsement of their sincerity. They're going to go the other way.

SG: Great!

GN: They believe in the things you've done. They've listened to Coast to Coast. They've listened to Art, they know what's going on. I would guess it's going to take about six months, but you may see something that you will be very happy with providing information to these people. They want you involved in a very big way and like I've said...

SG: That's excellent. We have offered to all these major news networks and other people everything we have. You know, I'm not being paid to do this and we have been doing this for now fifteen years, collecting this kind of evidence and what I tell people is that "Hey! You know, it doesn't matter how many millions we put into getting this, I'll give it to you on a silver platter if you will only put the truth in front of the American public. ABC News wouldn't do it. They are a fraudulent news network.

GN: But, nobody's doing it, are they? Nobody's going out there.

SG: Yes, well, it's one thing if it's in their entertainment division and they do a funny, ha ha piece like ABC News did. It's another thing when ABC NEWS claims that they are going to do a historic and accurate news story on the subject and they take all this evidence and throw it in the trash bin and put all kinds of silly stuff showing a carnival atmosphere at Roswell and all the silly season of Ufology. It was a complete take-down of the subject under the ruse of appearing to be fair and in balance, but it wasn't.

GN:They called Stanton Friedman a promoter. He went nuts.

SG: Yeah. Oh yeah, of course. And anyone who has evidence is a "believer" whereas the scientists at Harvard are "scientists". Well, I'm a scientist. My CTO is a tenured professor of science at the University of New Hampshire and has been science advisor to public officials, you know, but they spin it this way and then say, "See, we did a fair and balanced piece." It was a cover-up piece and it was very slick. It's interesting that Disney, that owns ABC ...We have a document from the early fifties where Disney was named as a source for putting cartoonish portrayals of flying saucers out into the public in this CIA document we have which talks about psychological warfare operations. So, the public needs to know this kind of fraud is going on and hold Big Media accountable. They need to write ABC News and they need to write the FCC and we certainly encourage people to help support us in pursuing this through the FCC because certainly ABC News, in our opinion, rigged this particular show in a way that is not allowed under FCC broadcast rules.

GN: How did you, a doctor, years ago, get interested in the field of UFO study?

SG:Well, there are two things when I was a little child that really got me hooked. One, when I was about eight or nine years old, I saw one of these objects, broad daylight, with some boys in the neighborhood where I grew North Carolina, in Charlotte...What's interesting is that was at the same time that my mom's oldest brother was designing the lunar module. He was a senior project engineer with Grumman that built that thing that took Neil Armstrong to the moon, so I sort of was in this aerospace family at the same time I saw one of these things, and of course from then on I was convinced that this was something to really take seriously and look into and I did. In fact, even as a young child, I collected everything I could on the matter.

GN: Steven - personally, how do you feel about this UFO craze in the investigations of what they may be? I mean, there's no question people are seeing *things*, no question we're being visited from somewhere. Have you made a decision personally whether you think that this is physical craft coming from other planets in the solar system, in the universe, or perhaps are they dimensional, coming from parallel universes? Have you come to any theories yourself?

SG: Well, they're both and this is the big debate I had with Jacques Vallee when we were doing something for Noetic Sciences a few years ago. People say, "Well, they're interdimensional" and I say, "Yes, and they're also extraterrestrial and physical. Those are not two mutually exclusive things if you understand the full spectrum of nature and reality and how there are folded within every dimension access points to every other dimension and in fact, when you go through interstellar space at multiples of the speed of light, you are dropping out of 3-D material form and moving into a form that the mystics would have called the astral, or the near-physical and this is what these are. They are extraterrestrial but they're also transdimensional. They're both. This is clearly the case and the evidence, but you have to have a comprehensive cosmology and physics understanding to get you mind around that. This is one of the things that we -- I'm going to be giving a talk at Arizona State University on April 22, in Phoenix, and one of the things we're going to go into on a whole daylong discussion is what the nature of these objects are and what it;s telling us about reality, what it's telling us about the human future in technologies and I think that the debate of whether or not they're interdimensional or extraterrestrial and physical is like saying is an orange round or is it the color orange? Well, it's both,and I think that you get into these sort of dialectics and this either/or discussion and the truth is somewhere between the two, and it's usually not either/or but it's and/and.

GN: All right. Stay with us, Dr. Steven Greer, our guest. We're going to talk a little bit about debunkers with him when we come back and also, he's involved very heavily in the search for alternative fuels, specifically zero point energy. We'll chat with him about that. Maybe Steven's got some ideas and maybe we can create our own X-Prize for alternative energy. We'll be back in a moment.

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