Become an official representative of The Disclosure Project and learn to sponsor and conduct Disclosure Project Events in your area, or help network with people or groups .

The Disclosure Project is taking applications for volunteers to represent the Project in locales throughout the US and the world.  Representatives of The Disclosure Project will be empowered to conduct events in their area at which either the May 9, 2001 National Press Club Disclosure Press Conference tape may be shown to the public at no charge or (at their option) the 2-hour Disclosure video may be shown for a nominal charge.

This program is designed to empower the supporters of The Disclosure Project to educate their area on this important subject and to develop a grass roots movement to push for open hearings in Congress and official disclosure of illegal secret projects connected to UFOs, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and advanced energy and propulsion systems. It is also intended to be an important mechanism for grass roots fund-raising to support subsequent Disclosure events and continue our important research and educational efforts.

As an official Representative of The Disclosure Project, you will be able to host events and showings of the videos in your church, community group and area and become a real force for change in the world.

Representatives will also be able to purchase the books, videos and other educational materials listed on the web site order page at the regular or bulk prices shown (according to amount ordered). These may then be sold at these Disclosure events, thus generating a source of income for their local efforts.

If dozens and then hundreds of people begin to host these Disclosure events around the world, think of how quickly the entire planet can be educated on these important issues.  As an official Representative, you will become a key activist and educator for your community on the most pressing matter of our time.

Representatives must sign up under one or both of the following categories, or levels. They will be assigned categories according to their experience and preferences:

  • Presenters
  • Networkers

The presenters are those that feel comfortable doing the public presentations and have already done so or are planning to. This is the original reason for the Reps program and it is very important that this continues. We would like to see at least 3 events going on every month somewhere in the world.

The networkers are those who may have some high level contacts, which may include people in government, celebrities, humanitarians, etc. The role of these people are to get packets of information out to the important people they know so that they are briefed on this issue. Also these people can pursue getting the DP video on cable access channels.

Disclosure Project Reps are expected to have studied the Disclosure Project materials, and the CSETI membership materials (all reps need to be CSETI members - see note below) so that they understand what is being represented and, when they are ready to do a presentation, are knowledgeable enough to answer questions about the materials. Anything they do not know can be referred to the web site and the Disclosure Project staff contact emails there at

Once your application is accepted and approved, you will be sent an agreement form and then have access to a special area of The Disclosure Project website and receive a full Representatives packet as well as a list of required reference materials.

Disclosure Project Reps work independently from Dr. Greer, who has delegated responsibility to the Reps Coordinator with help from other staff members. However we encourage Reps to network with other Reps as much as possible.

THANK YOU for considering the position of official Disclosure Project Representative!

NOTE: All Disclosure Project Reps are required to be current members of CSETI. Please see the CSETI web site membership pages for more information on how to join or renew your membership.

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