By Steven M. Greer, MD

In April of 2004, about 25 people gathered at our country home in Albemarle County, Virginia, not far from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The purpose was for me to provide an oral history, over the course of a week, of the events of my life.

This book is the result of that gathering.

To be honest, this book is released with more than a little trepidation. It reveals personal experiences and events that frankly seem incredible. Even reading through the transcript of the tapes was at times a tearful and emotionally difficult experience. And I know that much of it can be used to attack me personally.

But it is time for you to know: Why did an emergency physician who had been chairman of a busy ER leave his career to get out to the world the information that we are not alone? What had I personally experienced – from childhood onwards – that gave me the knowledge of cosmic cultures, cosmic consciousness and a glimpse of the wondrous future that awaits humanity? What are the new energy and propulsion technologies that can give us a new world, free of pollution, poverty and conflict? What is the nexus where Mind, Space, Time and Matter all come together - and how might this be used technologically by an advanced civilization? What does the blue-print of the next 500,000 years of human civilization on Earth look like – and how can we transition to that time? What did I find - and experience – as I met with heads of state, CIA officials, billionaires and covert operatives who in turns are desperate to maintain the secrecy and yet pray for relief from the black box they have nailed shut around them? Who has been keeping this Hidden Truth and Forbidden Knowledge secret – and most importantly, why?

This book addresses all this – and more. It is my own Disclosure. Having founded and led The Disclosure Project, I feel it is time that the millions of people who follow our work know the truth about how I got here – and what I have found.

I do not expect the general reader to accept all of this -or perhaps any of it. I expect nothing in fact. It is the truth as I have found it and this is my heartfelt effort to share that truth. I hope you find some meaning in this sharing from my heart and mind.

A meeting I had with a senior General at the Pentagon a few years ago illustrates the gravity of the situation. I had been asked by this General, who at the time was head of a major intelligence operation in the Pentagon, to brief him and some of his staff on the UFO issue. As our military advisor and I waited in the General’s reception room, we noticed a female officer looking up from her papers at us, curiously. Finally she asked if I was Dr. Greer, and I said yes. She then proceeded to explain that they were very excited about the briefing and that she and her colleagues had drawn straws to see who could be in attendance! Apparently, only one officer from her office could be present.

We were escorted into the General’s conference room and some time into the briefing this General said, “Well, I have no doubt that what you are sharing is true, but I have made inquiries through channels in my Agency and nobody can tell me anything! In fact, all I have gotten is this!” He then goes over to a book shelf and takes a small ET doll down – and holds it up for all to see. He says, “This is all I have gotten – ridicule - for inquiring about this through channels...”

I then explained that the CIA Director and other high officials had similar experiences when they made inquiries into the subject.

This senior General then told me a disturbing and exquisitely personal story: When he was young, his father had discovered a corrupt enterprise and conspiracy in the government that was deeply disturbing – but nobody would listen to him. It was a matter of enormous importance – but even the General admitted he just thought his father was a kook. Eventually, his father committed suicide (or was murdered and made to look like a suicide) over the matter. Then the General said, “It wasn’t until I got into this position at the Pentagon that I realized the old man was right!”

Until the General was confronted with the truth as a high official in the Pentagon, he never believed his own father. So how can I expect you to believe me? All I can do is share with you the truth as I know it and the rest is up to you.

A few comments on the book: It is not a written book, but merely an edited transcript of over 45 hours of audio tape that were created in April of 2004 during my oral presentations at our farm. I ask that the reader forgive any errors or editing oversights. This book should be viewed as an oral history, transcribed and edited into a narrative. I had no notes or text as I made these oral presentations.

Between 1991 and 1995, I kept a diary (via transcribed audio tape) that was over 2000 pages just up to that time. Clearly this book, which encompasses experiences that span half a century, can only reflect the major highlights and lessons gleaned over that time. It is by no means meant to be all-inclusive or recall all the information conveyed to me by thousands of conversations and meetings with covert contacts within the Shadow Government.

Many of the names of these covert operatives are changed or abbreviated. However, the original tape and transcript, which are in multiple secure locations, contains all of the names, corporations and entities involved with these illegal clandestine operations and will be released, if needed, at a later time.

Also, this book is not a recapitulation or even summary of the extensive documentation which exists in my two prior books. The reader should refer to the extensive case-files and ET contact experiences of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) contained in the book “Extraterrestrial Contact - The Evidence and Implications”. Moreover, a nearly 600 page book of government documents and transcripts of over 60 top- secret witness testimonies to official government projects and events is available in “Disclosure”. These books may be obtained Here.

It is time for one chapter in human history to close and another to open. Do we have the courage to embrace this new world, the hallmarks of which are universal peace, enlightenment, and a genuinely high technology civilization on Earth that is sustainable for thousands of years? The retrograde forces that are attempting to hijack humanity to a time of war in space, global destruction, environmental ruin and cultural insanity most be supplanted, through the courageous acts of others, with an entirely new way of being.

It is time for you to know – and for all of us to act. For it is only through the collective actions of those who yearn for the good future that awaits humanity that we can leap across the abyss of impending destruction and secure a world ready to take her place among the cultures of the cosmos, enlightened and at peace.

Steven M. Greer MD
Albemarle County, Virginia
1 February 2006