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By Steven M. Greer, MD

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With this book, I think Greer catapults himself into the front ranks of credible New Age leaders. I read his previous work "Disclosure" several years ago and wondered how a country doctor could get the attention of such high level scientists and military people, much less get them to reveal top secret information about UFOs and reverse engineering of alien technology. It turns out that Greer is a natural and highly gifted practitioner of higher states of consciousness, remote viewing and astral travel. This is combined with a sane and rational approach to practical issues and the fearlessness of a Samauri. The book's conversational writing style made me feel like I was there as it describes meetings with Laurence Rockefeller, former CIA Director James Woolsey and numerous Congressmen and military officials. Most interesting were Greer's meetings with people in the Shadow Government and their endeavors to entice him to their agenda. When they were unsuccessful, many attempts were made to silence him, including giving him, as well as a close associate and a supportive congressman, cancer, all in the same short time period. Greer reports discovering information about rogue Star Wars plans to fake an alien invasion of earth. The intent is to unite the world around "Big Brother and a global corporate-military junta". The master plan, formulated many years ago, called for the Cold War, to be followed by the War on Terrorism and finally the "War of the Worlds".... Greer says a worldwide psy-ops program is now being orchestrated to instill fear of ETs through staged abductions using ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), drugs and advanced electronic mind control weapon systems; cattle mutilations and media disinformation. He writes, "I have interviewed numerous people in classified projects who have been on the abduction squads...". This book is 300+ pages of pure dynamite. If you want to know what has been going on behind the scenes and what the future holds (Greer reveals his remote viewing of possible events along our collective time-line) don't pass this book up.
-- C.S.

I'm loving his book and that I don't know and never really thought much about ETs or space travel but I was very moved by his message of universal peace. I never have thought about expanding my vision for peace past the globe but as soon as I heard him say that, it was just..."of course and no less".
-- L.S.

My suggestion is to read Dr. Steven Greer's new book, "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge". It has lots of information and great spiritual ideas to help make the world a better place and to make contact with our ET friends. I have just finished reading this wonderful book and appreciate all of Dr. Greer's ideas and advice on growing spiritually and interacting with each other lovingly and peacefully within our world. That's my suggestion and the reason why I cherish my membership with CSETI. Dr. Greer's new book, "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge", is truly a treasure.
-- P.S.

Dr. Greer, your words come from the heart and can be felt even on the other side of this world we call planet Earth. They have much warmth in them...and many are proud of you.
-- W.

To all of you who have labored to make "Hidden Truth" a reality, I would like to warmly thank you for your efforts! These truths are bringing major change to those of who have come in contact with them. "Hidden Truth" is a major statement for all of mankind to witness. With 13 years of UFO research under my belt, I keep coming back to the answers presented in this book as the only real conclusions that can be drawn. It mixes equal amounts of terror and joy, but with a happy ending. Truth is certainly more amazing than fiction, particularly when it invokes change in people. I cannot see the world the same way I did before reading this book.
-- M.R.

"Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge" challenges us to look beyond the many myths to find the truth within us all. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. And now, I look forward to Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge - The Movie....Many thanks for all you do. - P.S. The meditation CD is a perfect compliment to your newest book!
-- J.K.