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World Puja Radio Program - March 26, 2010
CSETI Ambassador Training - Outer Banks, NC - April 11-17, 2010

WORLD PUJA RADIO SHOW - March 26, 2010 "Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer" show subject is: Historic Formation of the Council for Interplanetary Relations

Dr. Greer is in the process of forming The Council for Interplanetary Relations. This program will discuss the concept, need and importance of such a Council to guide Earth in its relationship with other civilizations.

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CSETI Ambassador Training, Outer Banks, North Carolina, April 11-17, 2010
Last Call - Only a Few Spaces Available!

DON'T MISS THIS FABULOUS OPPORTUNITY to join Dr. Steven Greer on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA ( This is the fourth year that we will be returning to this location, near where the Wright Brothers flew the first powered airplane in 1903. It is fitting that we will be practicing the CSETI ET Contact Protocols in this historic location!

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This nearly weeklong intensive prepares you to make open, peaceful contact with Extraterrestrial civilizations as a citizen-diplomat from Earth.


 CSETI Member Contact, June 2006, Australia                  CSETI Member Contact, April 2009, NC Outer Banks

Topics covered include:

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