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World Puja Network Show - January 14, 2011

Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer

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Dr. Steven Greer with Trudy Guyker

The Spiritual Aspect of Contact With Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Trudy Guyker is a housewife and grandmother residing in Chandler AZ. After attending a lecture and workshop at a Whole Life Expo in Santa Fe, NM in 1993, she realized that CSETI and its spiritual emphasis was how she could best utilize her own spiritual knowledge with her interest in the UFO phenomenon. She has attended over a year's worth of CSETI events and is a critical member of the core contact team. Her intuitive nature and ability to sense the ET presence in its many forms has helped the group immensely in its continuingly developing relationship with the ETs.

Trudy and Dr. Greer will discuss some of the special experiences they have shared together at CSETI Expeditions.

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