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World Puja Network Show - December 24, 2010

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Dr. Steven Greer with Dr. Ted Loder

Release of New Witness Testimony - William Pawelec

In 2000 - 2001 before the historic National Press Club Disclosure event in May 2001, Dr. Greer went around the world videotaping over 100 witnesses. Some asked that their testimony not be released until after their deaths. Mr. Pawelec is one of those. He had a UFO sighting while in the Air Force but the most interesting part of his testimony is what he learned while doing very high level security work for private and governmental sources after he left the military. You may see his testimony at Listen on the 24th as Dr. Loder and Dr. Greer discuss the implications. How does it affect the functioning of our government? Disclosure? Who is running the show? How many people know the score? And why are they silent?


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