Monday, May 21st, 2001

UFO, a phenomenon in the shadows

Experts and retired US military witnesses declared that different agencies in the US have concealed information related to extraterrestrial life, which has caused the investigation on the topic to be out of control.

By Maribel González / Correspondent In Washington / Reforma Group

Washington DC, United States. - The Disclosure Group reported the existence of a "secret Government " that conceals to the public the evidence of the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) and extraterrestrial life, at the same time they are calling for open public hearings in the US Congress and the declassification of secret documents and projects on the subject in benefit of humanity.

The rural doctor Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Group, a nonprofit research organization, explains that the information has remained secret in cover-up operations of the intelligence services of different Government agencies.

He adds that, based on the testimonies of direct witnesses, he can affirm that even Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton saw their attempts to penetrate those projects frustrated.

According to the lawyer Daniel Sheehan, during the Government of democrat Jimmy Carter, the director of the CIA back then, who was the republican George Bush (the ex-President and father of the present resident of the White House), refused to give the Executive the information on the existence of extraterrestrial craft and intelligence, under the argument that President Carter could reveal that information to the public.

Greer describes a "sophisticated military-industrial complex with shared and intricate projects that through time became more and more out of control and oversight " of the Executives.

In a recent press conference at the National Press Club, the director of the Disclosure Group emphasized that he was there to reveal the truth of a subject that has been ridiculed, denied and hidden for at least 50 years: " We are going to prove that we are not alone ", he said. He emphasized that "if we can prove that we are not alone and that we share space with other beings, it would be a destabilizing factor to place weapons in space", for which he is calling for legislation to ban weapons in space.

Greer presented 19 witnesses, most of them retired military who took part in classified projects, there were also civil consultants in missile systems, witnesses from the FAA, and one Mexican, Enrique Kolbeck, from air traffic control at the International Airport in Mexico City, who reported a collision in July 1994 of a UFO with a domestic Aeromexico flight.

Because of the kind of duties that all of them have performed, their stories are not of abductions in the middle of the night, nor experiments that have taken place on board of extraterrestrial ships, but of evidence in radar, pictures, missiles that were deactivated, and even according to Clifford Stone, a retired Army officer, he was in 1969 in one of those UFO that had crashed in Pennsylvania, where "extraterrestrial bodies were recovered", including "some that were alive".

"We are not alone in the Universe. The absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence. It is evidence that has been refused to the people", said Stone.

Karl Wolfe, retired from the US Air Force assured that NASA has pictures that show "extraterrestrial structures", a kind of base "on the dark side of the Moon". Doctor Greer added that there are also "artificial structures" in Mars.

Reinforcing the thesis that the "secret government" has hidden information from the Presidents, General Brigadier Stephen Lovekin explained that "what happened was that Eisenhower was betrayed: without knowing it, he lost control of what was happening with the whole UFO situation".

"I know that there are agencies in our Government that can manipulate information", said Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown, also retired from the US Air Force. He commented that while people are condemned to prison based on witnesses of a crime, he has kept track of unusual aerial phenomena during the last 50 years, and "there seems to be some reason to discredit very respectable witnesses when they speak of something not identified".

Even more: a witness who was not present at the press conference for fear of retaliation, identified only as "Dr B ", affirms in a document that some people with whom he worked "disappeared from certain programs and we never knew about them again. They simply disappeared ".

It was reported that there was no evidence that the extraterrestrials were hostile, or they would have already demonstrated it. Regarding their appearance, it was informed that many of them could go unnoticed on Earth. That they know 57 different species, and some are taller than earth people. They spoke of abrupt turns in the middle of a flight, of orange-reddish lights and speeds that surpass the speed of light.

All of those witnesses declared themselves ready to testify under oath before Congress in public hearings. As "Dr B", many other witnesses recruited by this organization did not appear for fear of violating their oaths of confidentiality, and are asking for an Executive Order of President George W. Bush to release them of that oath and allow them to speak.

All the major television networks and major newspapers were present at the press conference. From that point of view, everything was a success. Nevertheless, if it is measured according to the information that the media later presented to the public, there was no such. On the contrary, it was a resounding failure: the few published articles had a tone of jeer, ridiculing the supposed revelations, very far from urging Congress to investigate the subject as Greer had wished.