CBS Special Assignment: "UFO Project" - RESPONSE BY DAN WILLIS 

Aired Wednesday, May 23, 2001, at 11 p.m.

On May 21st a CBS News Special Assignment team came down from Los Angeles and did a lengthy interview with Dan Willis, a military top-secret witness for the Disclosure Project and Rob Baldwin Director of the San Diego UFO Society. The reporter was given this assignment because the upper management saw the CNN Headline News broadcast of the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

CBS in Los Angeles contacted Mr. Baldwin through the local CBS affiliate in San Diego, which covered a story concerning a gigantic whirlpool off the coast of San Diego. CBS interviewed Rob Baldwin regarding the possibility of this phenomena being a UFO underwater, also known as a USO, (Unidentified Submerged Object) creating the enormous, never before seen, whirlpool. There was an opposing explanation from Scripts Institute of Oceanography, saying that it was just a natural occurring phenomenon, even though no one had ever seen anything even close to this in San Diego. I was informed by Mr. Baldwin that it was mentioned to him that the Scripts Institute of Oceanography was strongly opposed to the release of this media exposure and tried to stop this piece from being aired with a threat of legal action against the CBS station affiliate KFMB Channel 8 in San Diego. The UFO whirlpool story drew so much traffic on the web site that it actually overloaded and shutdown the site which they linked to the San Diego UFO Societies web site regarding the UFO interests.

Mr. Baldwin told CBS that he knew one of the 21 witnesses that appeared in Washington DC for the Disclosure Project and that he would be willing to do an interview with them as well. Before the meeting I realized time would be to short to brief them on an overview of the entire Disclosure Project topic. I brought along the 500 page briefing document and the Executive Summary and thought, we are never going to have enough time to do this so that we would both have a clear objective of the course the interview would take. So as any other top-secret extraterrestrial military witness professional would do, I got out my drawing pad and proceeded to draw some cartoons.

Upon meeting the reporter, I held up the briefing documents and said we can review this or if you prefer I have drawn out a quick visual aid. The impressive well researched documentation that Dr. Greer and Prof. Loder put together added greatly to the credibility but she had a sigh of relief when I brought out the cartoon pictures.

The drawings historically sequenced through the steps of early ET visitations in the 40’s and the reason for cover-up of ET crash retrievals and highly classified dissemination of these intergalactic vehicles to corporations which derived through reverse engineering many technologies which were released to the public and many which remained highly classified in the interest of national security. Then showing the turning point of control from our known constitutional government to the illegal covert operations within the government structure. Now for the first time a civilian organized group has been able to pierce this veil of secrecy with hundreds of credible witnesses each with a piece of a larger picture showing that we have the ability to change this course for the entire planet. We have the ability to circumvent inevitable destruction though the disclosure of the ET presence and the suppressed technologies. This knowledge would lead to the banning of any space weaponry and would up open up a cultural exchange with other beings of the universe that the modern world has never seen.

Although this reporter had done some preliminary research on the subject, using the web site, she was surprised at the fact that congressional hearings were being sought for the release of suppressed technologies that could end the energy crisis.

I made it clear to her that the entire purpose of my interview is to state one thing and that is that "we have a solution to the energy crisis" and are willing to bring forth the scientists to prove before a scientific inquiry board before congress that these technologies can give free non-polluting energy and have been suppressed for over 50 years. It is critical for the future of Earth to have this released now.

Although there are many aspects of the deeply complex Disclosure Project, I chose to focus on the "solution to the energy crisis" topic because, when I was meeting with members of congress and the senate we sat in on some hearings and the number one topic was on energy shortages and pollution problems. People are concerned about daily functioning with enough electricity to do their work and gasoline to get to work and about the air they breath especially in Los Angeles, California. This comes down to the necessity of making money and health concerns of the average person. This is of a much higher priority in terms of day-to-day life rather than whether or not ETs exist. With energy crisis and pollution problems in the headlines, one would think that anyone saying they have a solution would cause everyone to be all ears. That is the objective. The rest of the complex aspects of how we have this solution, and how it’s origin was derived through reverse engineering ET craft, in addition to the extraterrestrials, the covert government operations, space weapons etc. will naturally unfold into the full story when the testimonies of hundreds of credible witnesses are allowed to be heard in open congressional hearings.

The reporter promised me that the solution to the energy crisis would be included in the broadcast. In the majority of the interview I focused on the fact that we have ET derived technologies that we are sitting on that can help an ailing planet now. My reasoning behind this is when people hear on a newscast that the Disclosure Project is saying that UFOs are Real and ETs exist and that they have hundreds of witnesses to prove it and they are seeking congressional hearings but no hearings are planned, without a single mention of suppressed technologies that need to be released. The common reaction is "wow that’s interesting, I knew there had to be something to all that with all those UFO reports, but with all the current critical problems in the world I doubt Washington is going to give it much priority, but good for Dr. Greer for taking that bold approach"

So the day after the interview before the broadcast the reporter called me up and left a very apologetic message on my voicemail saying…

"Oh gosh I don’t know how to say this… I had some problems with the piece and basically I was told I had to cut a lot of the good points…. But it’s still a decent piece it still gets the Disclosure Project out there, and the fact that people are asking for hearings.

Unfortunately it hadn’t gone the way I had planned it."

Later after the piece had aired we spoke directly and the reporter shared that…

"There was not enough time in this short segment to cover basically anything else other than we are seeking congressional hearings regarding the extraterrestrials"

Again I emphasized that the public needs to be made aware that we are asking open congressional hearings to release the suppressed technologies that can solve the energy and pollution crisis.

She replied that it would be possibly too much information for the public to deal with at once. I told her that she may be right and that we should have a follow up interview with the scientists such as Prof. Loder and Lt. Col. Bearden or other qualified scientists as a series explaining to the public what the Disclosure Project is about in greater depth than the mere postulation of the existence of extraterrestrial life visiting us.

She said that she would be glad to do that but her higher executives would not allow her to touch the story until November, being the next network ratings period and would be the only time considered in the interest of ratings.

Again I alluded to the fact that if this subject was to have a series done on it, that I promised her there would be an inexhaustible amount of information that would keep all the viewers glued to their screens all the way to November.

We concluded that she would call me sometime before November for the next interview.

The reporter honestly did her best to create a good report and she was right the report was put out there with a sincere tone to it. I thank CBS for that. Also I can understand the higher executives being concerned that unfolding more of this than what CNN has exposed may be a bit much for the public to process. It appears this is the time for the UFO/ET reality news announcements that will open the doors for the more in-depth series reporting which this subject needs full coverage of, being the most important news story ever in modern history.

May we all continue until the disclosure is known by all.

Dan Willis

one of many witnesses


Copyright 2001 The Disclosure Project

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