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Subject: Rob Watson - Disclosure Project

Dear Mr. Rob Watson:


Thankyou for reporting the truth. I just want to support you in reporting what was said accurately from the press conference. I watched the conference on line and have been following it very closely with friends of mine here in London, Ontario, Canada and thankyou so much for not distorting or playing your own personal judgements into what was said at the conference. It is nice to know that there IS INDEED actual true honest journalists who can creatively present a report with out snide remarks or payoffs to report something other than what was said. As a public viewer I am greatful that you are not trying to distort my impressions of what is being attempted in this conference. There is too much at stake... too close to the wire for these people to come forward and lie about what they have been forced to withold from the public eye and it takes a lot of guts to risk their security, safety and families to do this. There is too much at stake for this project not to accomplish its mission in trying to change the course our whole planet's civilization is on. It makes me cringe when I see that there are still lipstick commercials, lets make a deal, lets make a useless object for a craft to place in the drawer and never look at it again shows on tv while our world resources are being exploited, people are dying of hunger and disease, people have become slaves to their jobs and their homes and we re being manipulated beyond our wildest imaginations. Our civilization has been lulled to sleep by world powers and by media that has bought into it. We have been so manipulated for so long that we no longer remember the joy life was meant to be and people are now growing up starving to death because not only do they not know how to feed themselves with their own crops and resources but they wonder which tree it is they pick a can of beans off of. We need to wake up...and fast.
I don't particularly like Americans and I have never had a UFO or ALIEN encounter but in this event...I support them 200%. I do have very sane friends tho that some have had encounters and I feel there is a truth here that cannot be denied.

Thank you for supporting them in coming forward.

Jeannie Oliver
London, Ontario, Canada

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Thanks for your comments. If we see something interesting then we will follow it up.


BBC News Online

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I would love to see a full investigative report on UFO disclosure, I tuned into the webcast of the press conferance May 9th and was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail by the witnesses. I would love to see more in-depth fact I'd love to see congressional hearings on the subject. The only way this can happen is if the media collectively and objectively examine and report the facts. Please give more attention to something that we've all wanted the truth on.

Scott Nocella

To: B.B.C. News online.
From: Barry Common.
Re: Disclosure Project report.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I`d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the B.B.C. and in particular Rob Watson, your staff writer in Washington for his elucidation upon the at times seemingly grey area of the existence of U.F.O.s. Although at present we cannot discount whether or not there is extraterrestrial life visiting Earth, at least Mr. Watsons coverage of the Disclosure Project held at the National Press Club in Washington was a step in the right direction. I hope that more information is forthcoming either way on this matter and that you continue to report it.

Dr. Stephen Greer who is heading the Project should also be commended for his tireless efforts in bringing the issue to the fore of public attention, as should the 20 or so former and current workers from such diverse fields as intelligence, military, government, who are willing to stand up before the American congress to testify to their having been witness to numerous extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Yours Faithfully,
Barry Common.
Kobe, Japan